Many years ago, I wrote a book (never published) called APHRODISIA. It was a compilation of original poetry and recipes created for my niece, Robin, as a wedding gift. Its pages were handwritten in calligraphy, using a rainbow of colored inks. AND, I created two copies of it … one for her and one for myself! This was a time in my life when EVERYTHING I WROTE — including labels on the things in my freezer! — I wrote in calligraphy. I also created my own hand-drawn Christmas tags, I decorated my tree with cookie ornaments, popcorn strings and baby’s breath, and my spices were stored alphabetically. I’m pleased to announce that I’ve loosened my grip on things considerably since then. I’m glad I created that book when I did, but I’m even more pleased to recreate it now … and then some … here online. I love technology!

This blog is loosely titled APHRODISIA, after the book, and it will include recipes and romantic, sensual poetry … and more.  I’ve written a lot of poetry over the last 40 years (egad! that’s a frightening statement!), and while a lot of it does fit that description, another lot does not. Poetry of all sorts will find its way here … and recipes both old and new … and random thoughts, links, artwork, and ??? — it remains to be seen!  I may even include poems by other authors from time to time … properly credited, of course.

I don’t plan to post according to any set schedule … just whenever I have the time and inclination. You can subscribe to an RSS feed if you would like to stay abreast of it all.

Thanks for being here, and enjoy …


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