Baker’s Dozen (Magnetic Poetry)

A few years ago, the makers of Magnetic Poetry published The Magnetic Poetry Book of Poetry, and several of my “magnetic” poems were included. Here are some of those, and a few more … a baker’s dozen to chew on, all created on my fridge. Some have titles (also magnetic) and some don’t. It’s a great way to write.


Growl me a symphony
Embrace our wetness
Kiss my breath away
Wax luscious
Let’s die together
from milky


dream meat

I liked his languid lust
and sprayed a storm of
purple beauty
it whispered of an ache
he pictured it all
delicate and drunk


my sweet elaborate boy
I dreamed you in
a thousand summer shadows
always luscious
never easy
I loved you in spring rains
together felt like worship
we must take time
to recall it all


seeping secrets
of her long delicious
a young woman makes
poetry of poison
in my rusty
down-bare bed
blue smoke beauty
after a shadowed blaze
we lie hot &
growling like dogs in


the wanting

though I was a girl
I worshiped in the forest
I lusted with enormous dreams
I sweated and
screamed I AM A WOMAN
and asked for it


the universe is a living thing
ferocious and green
we are its dream to explore
this vast ocean star
angels falling together
into eternity
salty and free


cool moon
red petals
whisper of delirious:
A garden


My brother lingers
in a breeze of
broken smoke
Almost free of time
but a prisoner of
bone weak &
flooded with mad life
listening in the dark
for morning


drunk in a red dress
watching love stop
beating her gorgeous breasts
to sleep
to death
recalling summer rains
and winter chocolates
whispering why


essential yesterdays
drool like haunted honey
in our wake
their perfumed shadows
speak in broken


Embrace the sacred in you
whisper to those ghosts
of translucent good mornings
which together cry softly
for change
Look Explore Desire


purple must think
blue always dreamed
of pink


I am haunted by the shadow
of a broken heart
as fresh as yesterday’s
sweet sex
almost there
a ghost of rusted trust
you can not see
moaning softly &
only to me


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